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Süße Grüße - Sweet Greetings at Easter

Gingerbread World presents German Easter - chicks, bunnies and eggs to eat, to enjoy and to give as giftsEaster is here and you will find a whole array of Yummy Treats, Gifts, Decorations and Linens to help celebrate the Season.

Go on an Easter Egg Hunt with Gingerbread World and have a chance to win one of FIVE fabulous prizes. Contest Ends March 22 - submit your answers now!

For those who just can't wait the eight months till the next batch of Lebkuchen Schmidt arrives in Canada...we are bringing in FRESH Lebkuchen - 3 different types of Elisen - to tide you over (and there is still a very little bit of Lebkuchen left from Christmas that you can buy on sale for a few more weeks!)