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Last Ever Easter at Gingerbread World

Thanks for taking the time to read about our reasons for making 2016 the last year that we offer German treats and gifts for Easter.

We are having a fabulous time growing our companies and Gingerbread World is doing very well. Christmas Lebkuchen sales at Gingerbread World have grown each of the years we have owned this little company. And we absolutely adore our customers!

So here are some of our reasons for making this our last Easter:

  • Easter is not as big a deal as we thought it might be - we feel our particular goup of customers are not as interested in buying specialty items at Easter as they are at Christmas
  • The time to order Easter chocolate and marzipan has been shifting earlier and earlier and now we are being asked to place Easter orders in October when we are up to our eyeballs in taking Christmas orders and packing Lebkuchen
  • As you all well know, the Canadian Dollar is not a friend to importers right now. The items coming from Germany are getting more and more expensive due to currency exchange
  • And on a personal/family note, the months leading up to Easter are very busy for us and our kids having us running off our feet playing a myriad of sports and being involved with music and school events. So while we still have our kids at home with us we are going to focus on them and their crazy lives.

Thank you to all who have supported Gingerbread World during the past Easter seasons. Stock up on premium German chocolate and marzipan now and hoard it! And scoop up some of the beautiful gifts and decorative items on offer.

Gingerbread World will continue to offer a limited amount of chocolate and marzipan and Haribo items throughout the year but we will concentrate on making Christmas the best season for us and for all of you!

Owner @ Gingerbread World

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diana canning - March 13, 2016

As a parent I fully understand. Will still look forward to Christmas purchases.

Barbara - March 11, 2016

All very good reasons, Tamara.
Happy Easter to you and yours,
Barbara at Reha in Toronto

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