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Shipping Dept is CLOSED January 27 to February 16
Shipping Dept is CLOSED January 27 to February 16

Großes Osterpaket von Lebkuchen Schmidt has Arrived!

The shipment of Large Easter Boxes has arrived from Lebkuchen Schmidt in Nurnberg! 

Our family cracked one open this evening after dinner and oohed and aahed over the contents! 

The Süße Hasen are my favourite - they look like Lebkuchen but taste very different. I can't quite put my finger on the taste but they are YUMMY!

My kids all fought over who got to eat the ears off the Osterhohlfigur "Wanderhase". The detail in the hollow chocolate bunny is quite remarkable - lots of delicious Alpine Milk Chocolate to nibble on!

My parents - Oma and Opa - were over for dinner and their favourite is the Osterbrot aus Hefeteig mit in Rum getränkten Rosinen. Soft and moist, this Easter Cake goes great with a good cup of coffee.

My husband is the only Marzipan lover in the family - so he indulged on the Ostergebäck - Teacookie mix, marzipan specialities and pralines. Some of these are so cute - especially the little marzipan duck!

The wonderful smells of baking and sweets have lingered in our house all evening! We should have sweet dreams tonight!

Frohe Ostern!

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