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Contest! Win German Chocolate and Coffee

This is an old post and this Contest is no longer valid

Win a yummy gift package of German Chocolate Bars and German Coffee valued at over $40!

This is our first contest ever and we are excited to hear from you!

Here's how to enter:

It's really simple...just tell us about your favorite treat from Germany or Europe - why you love it, where you find it or, if you can't find it in Canada, how you get it and maybe how you found it in the first place! Include a photo if you'd like!

You can enter in three ways:

- email your stories to us at or

- fax them to us at 204-338-5295 or

- comment on the Contest Posting on our Facebook page.

Make sure to include your Name and Email address so we can let you know if you win! 

Tell a friend - and if they tell us it was you that told them about the contest then we will enter your name into the draw again! But - if your friend wins make them share the chocolate!!!

Contest ends May 31, 2014. Winner will be announced June 19, 2014 via email and Facebook and with a direct email to the winner.

Here's some examples: 

My favorite (or at least one of my favorite) meals when I visit Germany is the Bircher Müesli at breakfast. I love the crusty buns and meats and cheeses - but those I can find at home. It's the mushy Muesli that I look forward to! I know I have seen products here in Canada called Bircher Muesli but I've never bought them because I think I'd be too lazy in the morning to make it! Tamara

I love Haribo Gummi Bears - but not just any gummi bears - the Smurf ones! I've seen Haribo at European delis here in our city but I've never seen the Smurfs. So last time my Mom was in Germany my sister and I asked her to bring us home a big bag each! I think one of the reasons I love them so much is because we have an Aunt who lives in Duisburg and we've visited her there and she's visited us here in Canada and she always has Haribo for us! Mariel


The Fine Print: Gingerbread World owns all submissions and may use stories along with first names in social media such as its website, Facebook page, etc. By submitting an entry by email, fax or Facebook, entrants are giving Gingerbread World permission to include them in future correspondence including by email. This contest is in no way associated with FaceBook.

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Loretta - June 20, 2014

My husband called me at work today to say I’d received a mystery package from Gingerbread World today! Thank you — it was a wonderful surprise to win the gift pack. And great timing. Is there a better way to start a rainy weekend than with chocolate, delicious coffees and teas? With heartfelt thanks … Loretta

Diana - June 11, 2014

My favourite German product has to be Knorr Activ “Gruene Nudel” soup. The best cup-a-soup ever, creamy and full of thick noodles. It’s impossible to find here………..I know, I’ve tried and tried and tried and tried.

Lothar - June 11, 2014

The Schogetten chocolates you have. I did not know that name. But Trumpf is a name I remember from my childhood. Is the Schogetten just as good?

Hanni - June 11, 2014

My most favourite German product is chocolates, “Mon Cherie” from Ferreiro. Dark chocolate, filled inside with a succulent cherry and cherry liquor. Cannot always find it in Canada, but this year at Christmas time I found it at Brandt’s warehouse in Mississauga, bought several boxes of it and was in seventh heaven.

Stephanie - June 11, 2014

It’s got to be Milka! Growing up everyone who ever went overseas brought home Milka bars. That purple wrapper! So creamy, so delicious!

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