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Pre-Order your favourite European Christmas Specialties now for delivery in Fall
Pre-Order your favourite European Christmas Specialties now for delivery in Fall

Süße Grüße für Ostern

Gingerbread World - Frohe Ostern. Easter imported from GermanyAs many of you know, I don't speak much German. When people ask, I can almost make myself understood when I say "ein kleines bisschen" (and I had to Google Translate that to get the spelling!!!).

But I just spent 6 days in Germany and made a big effort to listen to and read everything I could in German.

A couple of phrases jumped out at me in relation to this little business - Gingerbread World - which I am so enjoying:

Süße Grüße - I love this little pairing! It rhymes. It looks neat with the umlauts and eszetts. It sounds just like what it says - Sweet Greetings. Perfect for Gingerbread World at Easter when we offer chocolates and marzipan from Germany.

But not only are the treats sweet! We have shopped for all sorts of other items to sweeten the celebration - beautiful napkins and table cloths (paper and cotton), vintage paper eggs and plates and hanging decorations that remind me of my childhood, carved bunnies and smokers. All of them imported from Germany - where so many of our Easter traditions were created.

Gingerbread World has grown a lot since I bought the company a year and a half ago. For almost 25 years Schmidt Lebkuchen was the only German product it sold and now we have added many other edible treats and many gifts, collectors' items, toys and linens.

While in Germany I made a point of visiting the grand department store Galeria Kaufhof. As I was heading down the escalator to the exquisite Food Hall I glimpsed a poster I thought expressed our ambitions for Gingerbread World - "Welt der schönen Dinge" - World of Beautiful Things.

That is what we are trying to create at Gingerbread World - A World (a small one!) of Beautiful Things - beautiful, delicious and delightful things from or inspired by Europe.

Eine Welt voller wunderschönen, köstlichen und einzigartigen Dingen aus Europa

So in addition to the lovely things we are presenting for Easter, we are building our offering of beautiful, delicious and delightful. Here are some examples:

Gingerbread World Haribo Gummy Bears to eat and Gummy Bear Gifts to give and enjoyGingerbread World Haribo Gummy Bears to eat and Gummy Bear Gifts to give and enjoyHaribo and Katjes Gummi Candies from Germany AND...Night lights, key chains and magnets in the shape of those yummy little bears!

Gingerbread World - German Language Greeting CardsGerman Language products including Greeting Card packages and these cozy soft Blankets from David Fusseneger (coming soon).
Gingerbread World David Fusseneger Blankets. Lieblingsplatz

We hope that you will enjoy the growing array of products at Gingerbread World and come back and visit our online shop often.

Our monthly e-newsletter will keep you up to date with what's being added. It's easy to sign up and we promise not to harass you!

Lebkuchen Schmidt will continue to be our flagship line and we are already anticipating next Christmas.

Gingerbread World Lebkuchen Schmidt Fresh Elisen Lebkuchen in FebruaryIn the meantime we are bringing in some freshly baked Elisen Lebkuchen for all of you who just can't wait the eight long months. If you'd like us to let you know when it arrives please shoot us an email!












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