Glass Ornament by Inge-Glas Germany - Cool Carl, 2018 Limited Edition Collection

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"A Day in the Snow" Limited Edition Collection includes Cool Carl the Snowman, Lovely Hannah and Cheeky Paul. Inge-Glas creates a new collection each year. Each piece is hand numbered and comes with a distinctive gift tag in its own  individual gift box.

You can tell an Inge-Glas ornament apart from other glass Christmas ornaments by the globally patented Star-shaped Crown at the top of each piece. This trademark guarantees you an ornament produced according to a centuries old tradition in Germany, mouth-blown and hand-painted by experienced glass-blowers and talented painters. Read more about Inge-Glas.

Size from top of crown to bottom tip: 9 cm or 3.6"
Comes in its own gift box

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