German Foods Box - Spätzle Plus

Item # GFB18031

Spätzle is a German noodle dish that goes so well with gravy and wurst! This box gives you the basics for a larger hot meal in German-style.

  • Bechtel Spätzle Traditional Black Forest German Egg Noodles, 500 g
  • Knorr Rahm Champignon Creamy Mushroom Sauce Mix, makes 2 servings
  • Hengstenberg Mildessa Rotkohl, 400 g
  • Meica Frankfurters in Jar, 250 g
  • Burkhardt Mittelscharf (medium spice) Mustard in a Tube, 200 g
    (replaces Hela Curry Ketchup)
  • Ritter Sport Chocolate Bar, 100 g

Why we created the German Foods Boxes - Many of our customers have told us over the years that they have no specialty food shops in their cities or towns or that their favorite shop just closed up. Other customers tell us that they would love to send grocery items to their family members as a gift or as supplement. Three German Foods Box are currently available: Morning Glory, Picnic and Spätzle Plus

Size - 32 x 25.5 x 14 cm (12.5 x 10 x 5.5") 
Box Weight - 2.6 kg

Items in German Foods Boxes may not be exactly as shown.
Only available in Canada

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