Gahlenz Holzkunst Incense Smoker - Financial Auditor with Umbrella

$174.95 CAD
Item # G16502
This is absolutely my favourite Smoker of 2020 - maybe my favourite item in the whole shop!

The Financial Auditor Smoker figure is really fired up about something - either that or he himself has made a mistake and he's sweating it!!

There are so many fabulous details to this figure - the biggest and most fun is that the smoke curls out from under the arms!!! Then there's the tiny two-toned glasses, the faux leather lapel and tie and the briefcase that can swing back and forth!

The Smoker figure is a traditional "toy" crafted by hand in the Ore Mountains of eastern Germany. The figure is made in two parts. Carefully separate the upper and lower sections and place a cone of smoldering incense in the belly of the figure. Most often the smoke curls up through the figure's mouth but in this case it's from under the arms!?

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Height: 26 cm to top of Umbrella
Made in Germany

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