Gahlenz Holzkunst Incense Smoker - Forester

$174.95 CAD
Item # G16522
A true Bavaria this Smoker is! Dressed in loden green with the classic Tyrolean hat with brush, our Hunter is ready with binoculars that swing from his neck and his faithful Dachshund at his feet.

Each Smoker figure is handmade with local wood turned on a lathe and tiny pieces cut and glued and then painted by hand. Notice the faux leather straps of the binoculars and gun.

The Smoker figure is a traditional "toy" crafted by hand in the Ore Mountains of eastern Germany. The figure is made in two parts. Carefully separate the upper and lower sections and place a cone of smoldering incense in the belly of the figure. The festive smelling smoke curls up through the Shepherd's mouth like pipe smoke!

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Height: 22 cm
Made in Germany

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