Original Crottendorfer Räucherkerzen Smoker Incense - World Travels Series

$3.95 CAD
Item # SV14974-RR

Smokers and incense are not just for Christmas. Choose from one of our Year Round Smokers and fill your home, garden or patio with colour and aroma. Choose from one of these scents inspired by different regions of the world:

African Nights
Russian Red
Zen Garden
Indian Summer
Cuba Blend
Black Forest

20 cones per individual package
Size: Medium. Approx. 2.5 x 1 cm or 1" x 3/8"
Made in Germany. Cones are made by hand and hence may be different in size or appearance

Here's a short video as to how to use these Incense Cones:

Gingerbread World Original Crottendorfer Räucherkerzen Incense Cones for Christmas SmokersGingerbread World Original Crottendorfer Räucherkerzen Christmas Smoker Incense

CAUTION: Not intended for consumption. Burning cones are very hot - handle with care

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