Everyday Collection

While in Germany last month, I made a point of visiting the grand department store Galeria Kaufhof. As I was heading down the escalator to the exquisite Food Hall I glimpsed a poster I thought expressed our ambitions for Gingerbread World - "Welt der schönen Dinge" - World of Beautiful Things.

That is what we are creating at Gingerbread World - A World (a small one!) of Beautiful Things - beautiful, delicious and delightful things from or inspired by Europe.

Eine Welt voller wunderschönen, köstlichen und einzigartigen Dingen aus Europa

So in addition to the lovely things we are presenting for Christmas, we present our Everyday Collections:

Gingerbread World Volkswagen Collection - Bugs, Mugs and more inspired by the Vintage VW Beetle and VanThe Volkswagen Collection - bags, mugs, pencil boxes and more than celebrate Das Auto. Volkswagen is an iconic German brand. The Vintage VW Beetle and Bus (or Campervan, Kombi, Bulli or whatever you call it!) have held our fascination for decades and remain a cult symbol of originality, evolution and independence. 

Gingerbread World Haribo Gummy Bears to eat and Gummy Bear Gifts to give and enjoyGingerbread World Haribo Gummy Bears to eat and Gummy Bear Gifts to give and enjoyHaribo and Katjes Gummi Candies from Germany AND...Gummy Bear Stuff - Night lights, key chains and magnets in the shape of those yummy little bears!

Gingerbread World - German Language Greeting CardsGerman Language products including Greeting Card packages and these cozy soft Blankets from David Fusseneger and more for House and Yard.
Gingerbread World David Fusseneger Blankets. Lieblingsplatz

Gingerbread World wooden toys from GermanyWooden Toys from Germany have a certain beautiful quality about them - simple lines, natural materials and delightful colours. Gingerbread World offers toys for all ages as well as puzzles and more.