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Ordering Information

Before we start with the questions and answers...
If you want to send your order in by mail you can print out this ORDER FORM.

How do I order products on this website?

Go to the one of the top menu item called "Lebkuchen Collection" or "Christmas Collection" or "Everyday Collection" to view products available in each category. Or use the "Search" box in the to left corner of the site and enter the item # or name (or part of the name!) of the item you are looking for and press Enter.

Then click on the product you would like to buy to see more information and to be able to click on the red "Add to Cart" button to add it to your order. Then you can continue shopping through the top menu items and adding to your cart.

When you are done shopping, click on the button with the word "Cart" and the picture of a shopping cart in it (top right corner of the website). This will bring you to the Check Out page where you can enter as a guest or set up an account. Now the site will walk you through the Check Out and let you choose to ship the products to yourself or to a different shipping address.

How much does it cost to ship my order?

See details in "FAQ's about Shipping".

This website is frustrating me - can't I just talk to someone in person?

Absolutely - we love to talking to you in person! Call us at Toll Free 1-800-309-5559.

I am ordering something for Christmas - when do I have to pay?

When you order something on this website your credit card is charged immediately - even if the product is only available to be shipped later. But - this ensures that the product you want is actually committed to you. We bring in limited amount of stock of all items and, because everything comes from Europe, items take 6-8 weeks to re-stock. So if you choose to wait to place your Christmas order you may be disappointed when those items are sold out.

I'm not comfortable with having my credit card charged right away - what are my other options?

You are welcome to print out our Order Form and mail it along with a check or credit card number. Click here to view and print our Order Form. You are also welcome to call us with your order.

Trying to figure out the taxes is kind of frustrating - what's up with that?

Canadian sales tax laws are terribly complicated especially for a little company that sells and ships into all provinces and territories. You are charged the sales tax applicable to the province/territory that you are shipping the order to (and if you are shipping to the USA then no tax at all).

When you order online the taxes are all figured out for you. When you use the printed order form you need to figure out the taxes. Lebkuchen is not taxable - ever. So please use the upper section of the Order Form for Lebkuchen items. All other items in our catalog are taxable - either GST/HST only or both GST/HST and PST. The Order Form provides the applicable tax rates to use.

You are welcome to make an order online and have the website figure out all the taxes but not actually place the order with a credit card. Just transfer those tax amounts to the printed order form and mail it to us.

And as always - you are always welcome to call me - Tamara - at 1-800-309-5559.