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FAQ's about Shipping in Fall 2014

Due to the bulky nature of our Christmas products our Shipping Rates for orders placed on our website during the Fall of 2014 are outined below.

How much does it cost to ship my order?

Shipping within Canada -            

Your shipping cost is based on the total shipping weight of your order. The website calculates the shipping weight of all the items in your shopping cart when you check out and charges you according to the following scale:

Shipping Weight Up To Your Shipping Cost (Without Tax)
Up to 0.7 Kg            9.50
Up to 2 Kg          12.50
Up to 6 Kg          18.00
Up to 10 Kg           23.00
Up to 20 Kg           30.00
20.1 Kg and Over           37.00


Shipping into the USA                 Orders up to $99                              $22.00 per address

                                                   Orders of $99 - $299                        $31.00 per address

                                                   Orders of $300 and over                  $40.00 per address


Shipping Outside of North America                                                        Call for Rate


Can I have my order shipped to another address in Canada?

Absolutely. The Shopping Cart Check Out process allows you to Bill to your address and Ship To another. Only one shipping address is allowed per order.


Can I have my order shipped to another address in the United States?

Absolutely. Use the Ship To option in the Check Out. Your shipping charges will be calculated based on where you are shipping to (Canada or US). Canadians are welcome to ship to addresses in the US and Americans to Canada!


Can I have my order shipped to another address somewhere else in the world?

During the Christmas season, Lebkuchen Schmidt products may ordered through us and shipped directly from the Schmidt bakeries to anywhere in the world. Please call for a shipping quote. Shipping within Germany is FREE. International orders cannot be placed online. Please email or call us to place an order - or Toll Free 800-309-5559. 


When will my Christmas order be shipped?

Much of our Christmas stock arrives in late October and will be shipped in time for First Advent (unless you specificy a later ship date in the "Instructions" section of your checkout. You will be charged immediately for you order and this ensures that the product will be committed to you when it arrives in our warehouse.


How is my package shipped to me?

Gingerbread World uses Canada Post for all its shipping. Packages being mailed within Canada and the US will take 7 to10 days to arrive at their destination.