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German Engineering - it has been applied just about everything that the good people of Germany make. But there are some brands that are more famous - more beloved - than others and Gingerbread World celebrates these with some great stuff - gifts for yourself or for others!

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VW Stuff at Gingerbread World - Great German BrandsVW Shop - Cool Bags, Mugs, Key Chains and more. Some are already in stock and some are coming in this summer. Sign up to receive an email whenever new VW stuff comes in.

Gingerbread World Gummy Bear Stuff - GummyGoods, GuumyLamps and more

Gummy Bear Stuff
- Inspired by German brand Haribo and their famous gummy candies Goldbären. GuumyLamps - gummy bear shaped Night Lights, gummy bear key chains and gummy bear magnets. And if you want to EAT gummy candies - check out our line up of Haribo and Katjes (another great German brand!).

Gingerbread World - A World of Beautiful Things from Germany and the rest of Europe

German Shopping or Euro Inspired Gifts
- Here we present items that we have found in our travels and fallen in love with. David Fusseneger Blankets and Pillow Covers and German language Greeting Cards. More to come - this is a place to watch!