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Shipping Dept is closed until Saturday May 21
Shipping Dept is closed until Saturday May 21

Important Info about Pre-Ordering for Easter

Welcome to Gingerbread World - A European Market...Online!

This is a different type of shopping experience
for several reasons:
Gingerbread World European Christmas Market - Owner Tamara Roehr1. We are NOT Amazon - we're a tiny company based in Winnipeg Canada and I do all the collection curating and box packing myself (and the extraordinary Elizabeth is back to handle all of our Customer Service)

2. All our items are imported from Europe...and they come in in limited quantities so once they are sold (or pre-sold) they are gone (there will not be another shipment coming from Europe)

3. Some items are already in stock and ready to ship to you while other items only arrive from Europe in late October (especially the edible items). Availability of each item is indicated under the Add to Cart button - see note below.

So what happens when you buy something today from Gingerbread World??

If you are purchasing only INSTOCK items your order will be packed within 2 working days and shipped to you.

If you are purchasing items that are indicated as PRE-ORDER your whole order (both Instock and Pre-Order items) will be shipped when all items on the order are in stock.

In either case your credit card will be charged today. And your items will be taken out of inventory so that no one else can claim them before they arrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I order a Pre-Order item today when will my credit card (or PayPal account) be charged?

You will be charged today to reserve a Pre-Order item that will be shipped after it arrives in our Canadian warehouse from Europe - mid-March.

Why do I have to pay now for an item I won't get for a few months?
Only one shipment of each category is brought into Canada each year. If you want a specific item it is a good idea to reserve it now with your payment or risk it being out of stock later in the season.

    How can I tell if a product is a Pre-Order item or a ready-to-ship item?
    Items that are Pre-Order have a small blue-green box underneath the "Add to Cart" button. The box is called "Availability" and explains that the item is "PREORDER. Purchase this item for delivery in mid to late March."
    Instock items do not have this box.
    Gingerbread World European Market. What is Pre order for Easter
    What if some of the items I choose are available now and some later?

    Gingerbread World ships all items at ONE TIME. That means that your order will wait until all items are in stock and available to ship. may choose to split your order and have in stock items shipped right away will be charged freight for both orders.

    What if I have questions down the road about where my order is at?
    We would be happy to answer those questions as best we can. You are welcome to email us at or to call us toll free at 1-800-309-5559. We are a really small company and if it's not me answering your call it will be Elizabeth (hope for Elizabeth to answer - she's better at it!!!).

    Thanks so much,

    Tamara Roehr
    Owner @ Gingerbread World