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Shopping from the States? WELCOME! Change prices to US Dollars in the bottom right corner of our homepage
Shopping from the States? WELCOME! Change prices to US Dollars in the bottom right corner of our homepage

Important Info for Customers with Orders that are Yet to Ship in 2020

Thanks again for choosing to do your Christmas Shopping at Gingerbread World's European Ware Haus. We have been overwhelmed by the huge support our business has received from our incredibly wonderful customers.

We want to assure you that all is well with your order and that we are keeping a close eye on changes in delivery lead times with carriers.

There's a lot of information included below - and even with all this info I've probably forgot to address some issues. If you have questions or concerns please send us an email (can we ask that you not call with your concerns as our phone line is incredibly busy).

Your package may be delivered to you by Canpar Courier this year. Canada Post has been a valued partner over the past 7 years and we will continue to use them when necessary but we are shifting most of our business to Canpar.

Why are we Switching to Canpar?
  • Canada Post rates continue to go up and Canpar is a cost effective option that delivers in the same time or less as CP
  • Canada Post delivery times are already slow now in October and we fear that they will bog down further as we get closer to Christmas. Canpar may also see a slow down but they have assured us it may only be a couple of days
  • Line ups at Canada Post counters at drug stores across Canada are long and tedious. If Canpar cannot deliver your package they will leave a card for you to pick up your item at their collection sites located in a neighborhood convenience store close to you
  • All carriers are opting to leave packages at addresses more often (even if we request otherwise). Given many peoples' reluctance to go out and the huge demand on their infrastructure right now during the pandemic this is the new reality.
  • You will continue to receive a Shipping Notification email with tracking information when you order leaves our warehouse and an email when the package has been delivered. Please check your tracking info often so you know when the package should be arriving.
Who will NOT be receiving packages via Canpar?
  • Canpar does not deliver (or does not deliver well) to some of the more remote parts of our country. Canada Post is still the best at this so remote/rural addresses will continue with Canada Post
  • United States - packages going to the United States will continue to be delivered by Canada Post in cooperation with USPS
Special Note about Packages to the United States:
  • Deliveries to the US are taking 14 + days to arrive to US destinations now and we anticipate this will get longer. So:
    • US orders that did not have special dating requests OR specified Late November dating OR orders that contain Advent Calendars will be shipped the end of the first week of November (so long as all the items in the order are in the warehouse)
    • orders that specified December dating will be shipped on about November 16
    • orders for items that specified "December Delivery due to restocking" will be shipped as soon as the new order arrives from Europe
So when can you anticipate your order being shipped AND how do we choose which orders to pack first?
  • Lebkuchen and Confections are arriving at our warehouse daily and we anticipate most of our yummy edibles by the end of next week. I am packing and shipping orders as soon as all the items in the order are available (unless a special delivery date was requested OR if I think an order is a gift and should arrive close to Advent).
  • Some orders are easier to package than others and because space in our warehouse is at a premium I will sometimes pack and ship easy orders first in order to make room in the warehouse. So single item Lebkuchen Schmidt orders go out sooner than orders with lots of different products from different categories.
    • Similar to past years we have a backlog 
What if you specified a later shipping date when you placed your order online?
Our website offers you the option of choosing when your order should be delivered - As Soon as Available, Late November or Early December. Due to the uncertainties caused by the pandemic this year we are choosing to ship earlier rather than later. We will do our best to ensure that the package arrives in about the time frame you requested. (see comments on US deliveries above).

This is a lot of info to take in. Again...we assure you that all is well with your order. If you have questions or concerns please EMAIL (not call) so that we can get back to you -

THANK YOU again and again for your support of our little business. We are honored that you trust us with your Christmas purchases.

Elizabeth - Customer Service Extraordinaire
Tamara - Owner