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Lebkuchen for Christmas - Available for Pre-Order as of August 22 2019

Gingerbread World German Christmas Market - Lebkuchen Schmidt Fraunholz and Wicklein
For over 25 years Gingerbread World has imported German gingerbread - called Lebkuchen - to Canada for Christmas. Fresh german gingerbread and stollen arrive in late Fall to be shipped across North America in time for Advent and Christmas. Our customers know how quickly their favourite Chests, Tins and boxes of Lebkuchen sell out so they PRE-ORDER starting August 22, 2019 to ensure they get the packages they most want.

Add your email address to our list so that we can let you know when the new Lebkuchen Collections from the Schmidt, Fraunholz and Wicklein bakeries is available for Pre-Order.
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For 2019 Gingerbread World is pleased to offer Lebkuchen specialties from three exceptional bakeries in Nuremberg:

  • Lebkuchen Schmidt - famous for their large collection of beautifully decorated chests and tins and large selection of pastries
  • Wicklein Lebkuchen - for over 400 years this bakery has been baking fine Lebkuchen with traditional recipes
  • Fraunholz Lebkuchen - a wonderful boutique bakery that provides our Gluten Free and Vegan Lebkuchen