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New for 2018 - More New European Christmas from Gingerbread World

We are very excited to present some new items and some new Collections this Holiday Season. Here's an overview of the new items you will find in our webshop:
Gingerbread World European Christmas Market...Online. New Items and Collections for Christmas 2018
Gluten Free Lebkuchen
We introduced GF Christmas Cookies last year and they were so well received that we are bringing in a third options - Lebkuchen Konfekt - soft, chocolate-coated German Gingerbread cut into small bars.

Advent Calendars
There's an even larger assortment of Advent Calendars to choose from this year. I'm especially excited to offer a Nut Free option - the Haribo Gummy Bear Calendar. And I am thrilled to introduce a Fly Fishing Calendar and a special Calendar for Dogs (not so European - so much fun!)

Inge-Glas Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments
A remarkable 14 generation (400 year old plus) company in Germany handmakes these exquisite Collectors Item ornaments. We are thrilled to present a limited line of Inge-Glas ornaments.

Gingerbread World Exclusive Gift Chests and Totes
A whole new line up of gorgeous wooden chests and colourful tote boxes have been created (by me!). I am excited about every one of them - check them out here!

Smokers, Nutcrackers and Nativities
This summer I got to visit two of the studios where the wooden folk art we carry is made. My daughter and I even got to try our hand at making our own - and it is tough (all those small pieces!). This year we have again grown our line of Smokers, Nutcrackers and Nativities and have some very fun options - like HRM The Queen!

And now for something totally different...

German Foods Boxes
So many of our customers ask us about European grocery items - many of you live in rural areas or smaller cities without specialty food stores. We're not ready to launch a full line but we thought we'd experiment by offering three Foods Boxes options - Morning Glory Breakfast, Picnic Lunch and Spätzle Plus. Each box contains 6-8 traditional German foods that we continually get requests for and they are all IN STOCK and READY TO SHIP TODAY.
Only available in Canada