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Dr. Oetker Vanillin Zucker Vanilla Sugar

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It's easy to make everything you bake taste more delicious. Simply add the wonderful flavour of Dr. Oetker Vanilla Sugar to any recipe. Use in baking cakes, cookies, pastries, pies, desserts and frostings. Sprinkle on baked goods to add flavour and decoration. Sprinkle on fresh or canned fruits and cereals. Stir into coffee, tea, milk, milkshakes, fruit juice or yogurt for flavour. Use as a sugar rim for Spanish coffee. 

Often called for in German and European recipes, Vanillin Zucker is vanilla flavoured powdered sugar in convenient paper envelopes. One pouch of Dr. Oetker Vanilla Sugar is equivalent to 1 - 2 tsp of vanilla extract.

Package of 10 - 8 gram Envelopes
Ingredients: sugar, artificial flavour
Made in Germany

Best before June 21, 2021