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Ferrero Duplo Hazelnut Chocolate Sticks

Item #FRD711

New for 2018. These little sticks of yummi-ness are devastatingly good! My middle daughter practically commanded me to add these to our Collection after she spent three months in Germany doing an Exchange Program - I think she pretty much lived on Duplo!

Layers of thin wafers and hazelnut nougat cream coated in milk chocolate.

Great to have around the house during the Holidays to pull out when company comes over or as a small treat after a meal. The box contains 10 individually wrapped bars.

10 pieces. 182 grams Net

PRE-ORDER ITEM. This item is not yet in stock. It will arrive in our warehouse from Europe in early November. By purchasing this item now you are reserving it for a later shipment. See details here.

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