Heilemann Dark Chocolate "Ornament" Advent Calendar

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We have to place orders for Christmas items in May and sometimes our suppliers change their product lines between then and the shipment date. We have been informed that this item is no longer available - so sorry :-(

An Advent Calendar decorated with Christmas Ornaments and filled with German Dark Chocolate. Open a little window each day of the Advent Season and be rewarded with a mouthful of goodness (dark chocolate is good for you you know!) - hand decorated dark chocolate pralines. Suitable for adults as some of the pralines do contain alcohol (woohoo!).

Pralines inside Advent Calendar could include:
  • Chocolate Angel
  • Chocolate Santa Claus
  • Cherry Truffle
  • Jamaican rum truffle
  • Fruchtweichkrokant
  • Brandy Truffles
  • Vodka and cranberry truffle
  • Pineapple and coconut truffles
  • Mocha Truffle
  • marzipan
  • Advocaat truffle soufflé
  • Campari Orange Truffles
  • Strawberry yogurt truffle
320 g Net
No artificial colourings

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