Kela Feuerzangenbowle Sugar Tray - Large


This large Sugar Tray (or Sugar Tongs - or in German "Zuckerzange Tura") is used for making a whole pot of Feuerzangenbowle. Position the tray across the pot sitting it on the outside edges. Lay the large Sugar Cone on its side on the tray. Generously dowse the sugar cone with high proof Rum and carefully light the alcohol. As the Rum burns it caramelizes the sugar which runs down the tray into the Mulled Wine in the pot and turns it into the dark magic of Feuerzangenbowle!

Read recipes and instructions for Feuerzangenbowle and Mulled Wine or Glühwein here. See our entire Collection of Feuerzangenbowle Accessories here.

Contains 1 Tray
Stainless Steel
28 x 5.5 cm

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