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Koza Dereza Ukrainian Folk Art Ornament, Sheep with Flowers

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Gingerbread World German Christmas Market - Support Ukraine
Traditional folk art handmade with environmentally responsible materials and methods in Ukraine.

A great pairing with the "Ram in Traditional Costume" piece! While the Ram has a carefree look on its face, this Sheep seems to be pursing her lips and clasping her hands!!!!

This ethnic-style was created by Ternopil masters. It is made of natural fabrics and filled with shredded buckwheat husk. The Ram is decorated with hand-painted acrylic paints. The fabric is covered with a solution of coffee, vanilla, cinnamon (the aroma of the toy lasts about six months) so it has a pleasant spicy aroma.

Sheep in general are symbols of good luck in Ukraine. At significant moments of life (birthdays, weddings, etc) people give a Sheep motif for good luck and prosperity. Plus it just looks so cute sitting on a shelf!

Approx Size: H 15 x W 12 x D 12 cm
Natural fabric. Buckwheat husk filling. Natural spice solution
Aroma should last about 6 months
Made in Ukraine
Gingerbread World European Christmas Market - Koza Dereza Handmade Ornaments from Ukraine