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Pre-Order your favourite European Christmas Specialties now for delivery in Fall
Pre-Order your favourite European Christmas Specialties now for delivery in Fall

Koza Dereza Ukrainian Folk Art, Ram in Traditional Costume

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Gingerbread World German Christmas Market - Support Ukraine
Traditional folk art handmade with environmentally responsible materials and methods in Ukraine.

This is the item in Koza Dereza's large collection that caught my eye years ago when I saw them at a trade show in Europe - and we've finally got it in the shop! There is something special about the earthy toned fabric and spicy aroma of the spice infusion and the endearing look on the rams face!

This ethnic-style was created by Ternopil masters. It is made of natural fabrics and filled with shredded buckwheat husk. The Ram is decorated with hand-painted acrylic paints. The fabric is covered with a solution of coffee, vanilla, cinnamon (the aroma of the toy lasts about six months) so it has a pleasant spicy aroma.

The Ram is a symbol of good luck. Ukrainians have a belief that a Ram brings wealth. At significant moments of life (birthdays, weddings, etc) people give the Ram for good luck and prosperity. Plus it just looks so cute sitting on a shelf!

Approx Size: H 11.5 x W 11.5 x D 11.5 cm
Natural fabric. Buckwheat husk filling. Natural spice solution
Cocoa aroma should last about 6 months
Made in Ukraine
Gingerbread World European Christmas Market - Koza Dereza Handmade Ornaments from Ukraine