Lebkuchen Schmidt Fairy Tale House - 6 Pack

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Chocolate Lebkuchen Hearts (Herzen) inside a delightful little cardboard house printed to look like a German cottage. These kid-friendly Christmas cookies are a soft gingerbread made with nuts, honey and spices. The Gingerbread Hearts have a little bit of sweet jam in the middle that makes this Lebkuchen my favourite!

Box of 6 x Fairytale Houses filled with 5 chocolate coated Lebkuchen Hearts (biscuits are approx. 3" x 3") | Märchenhäuschen mit 5 schokolade-Lebkuchenherzen. 150 grams net each

Best before 5/5/2021
Comes with a fairy tale printed inside
Contains nuts

Lebkuchen Schmidt Nuremberg Gingerbread and Gifts by Gingerbread World

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