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Richard Glässer Incense Smoker - Lady with Cake


I found this delightful Smoker figure at the Christmas Trade Show in Frankfurt earlier this year. I thought this Lady with Cake and her friend the Lady with Donuts would work well with the Queen Nutcracker that we also buy from the Richard Glässer workshops in Seiffen, Germany.

The smoke curls out of the coffee cup like steam - I love this!! Smoker Figures are made in two parts. Carefully separate the two sections and hide a smouldering cone of incense inside the belly. Then watch as the fragrant smoke curls out through the coffee mug and wafts through your home. Also see the Lady with Donuts!

Smoker Figures or Räuchermännchen are traditional folk art pieces designed in the mid-1800's by the toy makers of the Erzgebirge region in north east of Germany. Smoker figures are most commonly seen during the Christmas Season but can be enjoyed all year round.

15 cm in height
Scented cones sold separately.