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Richard Glässer Traditional Christmas Incense Smoker - Shepherd

Item #RG26284

Smoker figures are a wonderful addition to your Christmas decor (or to a friend's when you give them as a gift). Whether you are decorating a very modern space or a more traditional one, a Smoker figure is a conversation starter and a delight to the senses - it looks good, it smells good!

The Richard Glässer studios in Seiffen Germany are best known for their handcrafted Christmas Pyramids (some of which we offer) and they also create fun and whimsical Smokers and Nutcrackers like this Shepherd. Shepherds are always our best selling Smokers - and I'm sure this one will be too with its fine details like it's woolly collar, leather satchel and very cute sheep!

18 cm in height
Scented cone sold separately.

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