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Richard Glässer Traditional Christmas Pyramid - German Fairytales

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Christmas Pyramids are what the artisans at Richard Glässer studios are most famous for and the folk art most associated with the Ore Mountains where their studio is located. The Pyramid shape is based on a simple engine called a "Whim" that was used in the region's mines to move ore to the surface. Now the Pyramid is a colourful, animated part of Holiday decor in both traditional and modern settings.

The rising heat of the candles or tea lites pushes the vanes on the impeller wheel causing the Pyramid to rotate creating light and shadow - even without being lit the Pyramid is a stately centrepiece. Each little figure on the Pyramid deck or decks is hand turned and hand painted. Read about my trip to the Richard Glässer studios where we got to see these pieces being made.

This is a House Pyramid based on a typical house in the Ore Mountains in Germany. We saw many of these houses during our trip to Seiffen this summer. Here on 2 levels are presented a couple of favorite German fairy tales including Hansel and Gretel and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

36 cm in height
Candles sold separately
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