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Seiffener Volkskunst Incense Smoker - BBQ with Sausages

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Wood folk art and incense smoker figures have been made in Germany's Erzgebirge region for centuries but that doesn't mean that the designs have to be old fashioned!

Seiffener Volkskunst is one of our favourite workshops. Artisans create Nutcrackers, Pyramids and Smoker figures by hand - turning wood into art with remarkable attention to detail. Many of the figures are especially created for Christmas but this little BBQ Smoker is perfect for the yard, garden or deck.

Place a smouldering incense cone inside the belly of the BBQ and watch as the smoke curls up from the grill - as if you are really barbecuing the little sausages on top! See also the Blue BBQ with Steaks.

This Smoker figure comes with one package of Ruhe! Incense Cones. "Ruhe" is german got "Quiet". The lemony scented incense cones ensure a calming atmosphere and relaxation - and may help to ward off the mosquitoes. The Ruhe! incense cones may also be purchased separately.

10 x 11 x 9 cm
Wood and metal
Comes in its own gift box
Gingerbread World Seiffener Volkskunst Canada - Erzgebirge Christkindlmarkt onlineGingerbread World Seiffener Volkskunst Canada - Erzgebirge Christkindlmarkt online