Seiffener Volkskunst Kugel Incense Smoker - Santa on Skis

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The round Kugel smokers are a modern and fun take on the centuries old Smoker concept. There are three Smokers in the Kugel Series and this very cool Santa on Skis is a fun and colourful gift.

These Incense Smokers are made in two parts: place the smoldering cone of incense (sold separately) on the bottom part and fit the upper part over top of the cone. The smoke and aroma from the cone curls up through the back end of the Smoker.

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Wood, faux fur, felt, wire
11 cm or 4.3"
Gingerbread World Seiffener Volkskunst Canada - Erzgebirge Christkindlmarkt onlineGingerbread World Seiffener Volkskunst Canada - Erzgebirge Christkindlmarkt online

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