Seiffener Volkskunst Modern Smoker - Swivel Head Santa

$134.95 CAD
Item # SV12621


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Clever design by Design.Werk in Germany and brought to life by the artisans at Seiffener Volkskunst. Santa’s head and pointy hat turn freely on the body held in place by magnets so at your whim your Santa could look serious, sad, jaunty or happy and the fragrant smoke always curls up in the right direction.

Although the folk art of carving and turning "toys" from wood is a centuries old tradition in the Erzgebirge region of northeast Germany, the art form continues to evolve and young artist-entrepreneurs are designing and creating modern departures from convention. See our collection of Modern Folk Art Pieces here.

22 cm
Gingerbread World Seiffener Volkskunst Canada - Erzgebirge Christkindlmarkt onlineGingerbread World Seiffener Volkskunst Canada - Erzgebirge Christkindlmarkt online

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