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Seiffener Volkskunst Traditional Christmas Incense Smoker - Miner Gnome

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Gingerbread World European Christmas Market 2021 - New Item
The beautifully hand turned Gnome Smokers from Seiffener Volkskunst add colour and aroma to your Holiday decor. The Gnome is made in two parts: a cone of smoldering incense (sold separately) is placed in the metal plate in the bottom part of the Smoker and when the top is fitted over the cone the smoke drifts up through the Gnomes mouth to make him appear like he is smoking adding a visual to your display as well as the scents of the Holidays. See our full Collection of Smokers here.

This Smoker is dressed in the ceremonial habit of a Miner. In the the Ore Mountains of Germany where these Smoker figures are made mining was a very important part of the economy and that heritage is celebrated to this day in the folk art and in holiday parades. The crossed hammer and pick emblem on the hat can be seen in the coats of arms of some towns in the region.

Wood and metal
13 cm
Gingerbread World Seiffener Volkskunst Canada - Erzgebirge Christkindlmarkt onlineGingerbread World Seiffener Volkskunst Canada - Erzgebirge Christkindlmarkt online