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Learn more about Pre-Ordering items for Christmas
Learn more about Pre-Ordering items for Christmas

Trumpf Edle Tropfen Special Anniversary Edition with Music CD

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Trumpf is an old and storied German confectioner. The brand was founded in 1857. Edle Tropfen in Nuss - one of their most popular liqueur chocolates - celebrates its 55th anniversary this year and to celebrate Trumpf is giving you a gift - a music CD is included in this package.

The Edel Tropfen in their distinctive octagonal boxes are perfect for giving (or devouring!) during the Holidays. Four different liqueur fillings per box with a crystalized sugar crust and crunchy slivered hazelnuts.

Edel Tropfen Liqueur Favourites - Gin & Tonic, Cuba Libre, Scotch Whiskey & Vodka Lemon (in Dark and Milk Chocolates)

20 pcs
Includes Free music CD with classical music
250 grams Net

Trumpf Edel Tropfen. Available at Gingerbread WorldTrumpf Edel Tropfen. Available at Gingerbread World

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