Gingerbread World Waldfabrik Wood and Bark Christmas Nativity - Made in Germany

Waldfabrik Christmas Tree and Manger


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The craftsmen at Waldfabrik in the Black Forest of Germany call themselves the "Forest Factory". And their passion is wood. The ornaments they create capitalize on the grain and bark of the wood sometimes dressed up with leather, felt and steel. Waldfabrik ornaments, cards and Nativities are exquisite gifts.

Waldfabrik Christmas Tree with Nativity Inset
This forest Nativity scene, full of rustic charm, is cut from one piece of timber with the bark still attached. The core has been sawn by hand and pushed forward in layers and then fixated to create the silhouette of the Holy Family within the creche.

Hardwood and Natural Bark (as this is actual bark it may not appear exactly as shown)
13.5 cm width x 15.5 cm height x 3.5 cm depth
Packaged in clear cellophane sleeve with cardstock header


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