Waldfabrik Natural Wood Mushroom Tea Lite Candle Holder

$19.95 CAD
Item # WF5041

Mushrooms (or Pilz in German) are intriguing in every way. This lathed wood Mushroom Candle Holder celebrates that intrigue and celebrates the grain of natural wood and live edge bark, the smooth feel of oiled hardwood, and the voluptuous shape of the toadstool (which are symbols of good luck in Europe). 

Display individually or in a grouping with various sizes Mushroom ornaments. Handcrafted in the Schwarzwald - Black Forest - of southwest Germany,  each wooden piece is entirely unique with its graining and colour. 

Height: 9 cm
Hardwood (oiled)
The images of the types of wood shown only approximate the real appearance. Colour and grain may differ from the photograph.

Gingerbread World Waldfabrik Canada

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