Waldfabrik Wooden Hanging Ornament - Rounded Star

$10.95 CAD
Item # WF5180


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There are few things I love more than natural wood with the grain brought out by smooth sanding and polishing. And these puffy wooden stars display all of that beautifully. Buy individually or as a set of 3 to hang in your deck or patio or to place amongst other decor in your home.

Waldfabrik is a studio of artisans in the Black Forest Region (or Schwarzwald) of Germany using the raw materials in their area to create beautiful ornaments and gifts using old traditional methods as well as cutting edge technology.

Made in Germany
Hardwood (oiled) and perlon nylon thread
Small - ø 5.5 cm x 2.8 cm depth
Medium - ø 7.5 cm x 4 cm depth
Large - ø 9 cm x 4.5 cm depth
Set of 3 includes one of each size - Save 10%

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