Wendt & Kühn Blumenkinder - Boy with Short Lantern, Striped

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This figurine is about to take its leave for some time to come. In 2019, it will be produced for the last time. Thereafter, it will be welcomed into Wendt & Kühn's historic Grand Sample Cabinet and remain there for at least five years.

The little boy looks up at the paper lantern he is carrying perhaps in a parade of children celebrating Laternenfest or Lantern Festive on St. Martin's Day.
Handcrafted in Germany with an astonishing amount of detail, Wendt & Kühn  Blumenkinder or Blossom Children radiate the pure innocence of childhood. When designing them in the early 1900's, founder Grete Wendt incorporated the very essence of all her creations: our universal longing for goodness and a sense 
of security. With their cheery joyfulness, each of her figurines brings us one step closer to this very special spirit.

Made in Grünhainichen, Germany
Height - 11 cm or 4.5" to top of lantern pole

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