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Learn more about Pre-Ordering items for Christmas
Learn more about Pre-Ordering items for Christmas

Wendt & Kühn Blumenkinder Friends - Berry Pickers Set

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This set of children picking berries is the collection that provided the inspiration and catalyst for the start of all the entrepreneurial creativity in the W&K manufactory. In 1913 Grete Wendt entered a competition to create "tasteful souvenirs". With great success her Berry Pickers took second prize. After the prize-winning group of figurines had appeared in numerous magazines she received many "urgent orders". These finally gave her the impetus to devote herself fully to the design of wooden miniatures and, two years later, to found the Wendt & Kühn workshops.

This is the perfect set with which to start your own W&K collection or to give as a gift to start someone else's.

Set of 3 Figures:
Boy - 9 cm or 3.5"
Girl - 8 cm or 3"
Child - 6.5 cm or 2.5"

Made in Grünhainichen, Germany

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