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Wendt & Kühn Candle "The Magic of Christmas"

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A small and delightful addition to your W&K collection or a gift to help a friend get started on their collection of handcrafted figures.

Perfect for the Holiday Season, the "Magic of Christmas: candle features W&K's iconic Orchestra Angels with eleven white dots on each wing.

The candle is manufactured using a special process ensuring that the candle only burns on the inside and the image is retained until the end. A burn stop at the bottom of the candle ensures that the flame goes out before consuming the outside image.

Beautiful figures and music boxes from the traditional W&K manufacturer have been inspiring people all over the world since 1915. This decorative accessory showcases the finely handcrafted Angel figures on a deep red backdrop. 

If you would like to add the figures featured on this candle (or figures resembling them) see our large selection of Wendt & Kühn Grünhainichen Angels.

Single wax candle
Ø 10 cm x 12 cm
Keep the wick short (.5 cm) to ensure proper burning
Made in Germany

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