Wendt & Kühn Marguerite Angel - Angel with Doll Carriage

$42.95 CAD
Item # WK634-30-6

The splendid tiny Marguerite Angel pulls a wooden wagon with an even tinier doll inside. I always picture the little Wendt & Kuehn wagon pulling figures lagging behind the others, lost in thought and enjoying the beauty of life!

Utterly charming in their youthful lightheartedness: the Marguerite Angels from Wendt & Kühn. Preciously sweet individuals with meticulously painted facial features. Founder Olly Wendt first designed a six-piece Marguerite Angel set sitting on a bench in 1935. Her series has been extended through the years with many other imaginative designs – with these little angels now at home all around the world.

Made in Grünhainichen, Germany
Height of Figure - 4 cm or 1.5"
Comes in its own Wendt & Kühn gift box

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