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Learn more about Pre-Ordering for Christmas - Click Here
Learn more about Pre-Ordering for Christmas - Click Here

Adding Items to an Existing Order

Do you have an order in already but then realized there were more items you would like to buy? Yay! We love it when you add to your order!

As you've figured out by now...we are a very small company and we're run by two not-overly-techie people! So our website is not sophisticated enough to just add items to an existing order.

So...when you want to add items and don't want to be charged for another entire Shipping Cost this is how we do it:

1. Simply email us a list of the items you would like to add.

2. Then we will create a second (or third or fourth!) order for you on our end and apply the correct amount of postage.

What is the "correct amount of postage"? Great question - but we'll get to that later.

3. You will receive an email from us with your new/additional order outlining the quantities and prices and inviting you to "Complete Your Purchase" by clicking on the button and adding your payment details (credit card or PayPal).

4. When you've processed your order with payment we get it back automatically and staple (yes - that's how low tech we are!!) your orders together so they get packed and shipped all at one time.

And now back to the "correct amount of postage" question:

Postage has gone up in price a lot over the last few years. In the past we allowed order additions without adding extra postage costs. But this year we are not able to do that.

Your postage cost is calculated based on the dollar value of your order (see the tables below).

For add-on orders we will apply a charge for shipping that is the difference between what you have already paid on your first order and the new postage tier charge.

Here's an example: Your first order is shipping to Ontario and came to $110 before taxes and shipping. You were charged $24.00 for postage. Then you emailed us to add a $30 item. Now your order total is $140 ($110 + $30). The amount you should be charged for postage is now $28. We will apply a postage charge of $4 to your additional order for a total postage cost of $28 ($24 + $4).

You are welcome to call or email us at any time for clarification or to place orders for additional items.

Thanks so much, Elizabeth and Tamara 

Gingerbread World Shipping Costs Holiday Season 2022

Orders shipped to BC/AB/SK/MB/ON/QC

 Order Value Shipping Cost
$0 to $59.99 $20.00
$60.00 to $120.99 $24.00
$121.00 to $167.99  $28.00
$168.00 to $279.99 $32.00
$280.00 to $399.99 $36.00
$400.00 to $449.99 $40.00
$450.00 to $499.99 $45.00
$500.00 to $549.99 $50.00
$550 and above $100 or call for a quote

Orders shipped to NT/YT/NU/PE/NB/NS/NL

Order Value Shipping Cost
$0 to $99.99 $24.00
$100.00 to $120.99 $27.00
$121.00 to $154.99 $30.00
$155.00 to $249.99 $33.00
$250.00 to $349.99 $37.00
$350.00 to $399.99 $41.00
$400.00 to $449.99 $44.00
$450.00 to $499.99 $48.00
$500.00 and above $100 or call for quote

Shipping to the USA: Your postage cost will be calculated upon checkout based on the dimensional weight of the items in your order and where the order is shipping to. These rates come directly from Canada Post in cooperation with USPS. Duties may be levied on shipments to the US. The customer is responsible to pay any charges