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Gingerbread World Lebkuchen Schmidt Canada - Christmas Collections 2017Gingerbread World is a little Christmas Shop based in Winnipeg Canada. And although we are not European per se – we have always enjoyed our travels in Europe and the general flair of The Continent!

So we have created a shop of things that we love – celebrating European tastes, quality and design.

Christmas is the biggest and only season here at Gingerbread World. Christmas Collections go live on our webshop in mid-August. And in late October our warehouse starts to fill with the wonderful smells of fresh Lebkuchen from Nuremberg, Germany and of German chocolate and marzipan. But almost as quickly, it begins to empty as hundreds of packages are shipped to customers all over North America and around the world.

Some of our customers are originally from Europe and enjoy Lebkuchen as a nostalgic tradition. But many of our customers have no European background and have discovered the yummy tastes of Lebkuchen – a gingerbread-type cookie but way more interesting!

The Gingerbread World 2017 Christmas Collections includes:

Beautiful Chests, Tins and Boxes from Lebkuchen Schmidt
German Chocolate and Marzipan
Advent Calendars for children and adults
Specialty Gift Chests we design that include Lebkuchen, Chocolate & More
Wooden Ornaments and Nativities from Germany
New for 2017 - Feuerzangenbowle and the accessories you need for this fiery Christmas Drink

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