Write a Product Review - Help Out a Small Business!

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Just write a Review on an item in our shop that you have enjoyed and your name goes into a hat for the chance to WIN. Enter as often as you like. Contest ends September 3 sow e can announce the winners on the 4th.

Product Reviews from satisfied customers tremendously help a small business grow. New shoppers to our site are trying to figure out if they can trust us and if they can trust that the products they are interested in are good enough to buy. A Review from an existing customer builds trust and confidence.

The best Product Reviews are specific explaining why you enjoy the product, why you think it is high quality and why it satisfied you. And a Review with a little mention of good service from the shopkeeper is even better!! ;-)

It's really easy to leave a Product Review. Just navigate to any product you have enjoyed - or use the Search bar to search for it. Scroll down the product's page past the row of Related Products until you see "Customer Reviews".

On the far right side of the screen you will see a a white button with red writing that says "Write a Review". Click on that button and
  • leave your first name and last name initial (ex. Tamara R)
  • leave your email address so we can get a hold of you (in case we're running a contest and you're the winner!) - your email address is never published - no one but me will see your email address.
  • click on the number of stars you want to give this item (5 is always good!)
  • write a Review Title - something catchy like "This is the best chocolate I've ever tasted" or "This Nutcracker looks so great among my Christmas Decorations"
  • write a bit more about why you like the product in the "Body of Review" - it says you can use 1500 characters but you're welcome to just write 2-3 sentences (ex. The Asbach Brandy Cherries are a Christmas favorite. The brandy really packs a punch and you can really taste the cherries. Everyone fights over these and we should always remember to buy some extra packages!)
  • Click on the red "Submit Review" button and you're done!

Gingerbread World How to Write a Product Review

You are welcome to leave as many Product Reviews as you can feel sincere about! And you are welcome to leave more than one review on the same product!

We'll put your name in our Contest hat as many times as you review. I get an email from my online shop every time someone leaves a review so I will know immediately when you've left one (and I will be ecstatic!!).

Thank you so very much for helping me out!

Owner/Collection Curator/Box Packer/Floor Sweeper @ Gingerbread World