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Cardboard Fillable Easter Eggs - Best of Happiness, 15 cm

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Style: Easter Painting

These beautifully illustrated cardboard Easter Eggs are handmade in Germany (in the same region where the beautiful Nutcrackers and Smokers are made). I remember receiving these Eggs from my Mom and my Omas filled with chocolates and candies. The treats inside were exciting but it was the fabulous egg that I treasured - a box of unusual shape that could be used to store my various collections.

The Easter Happiness Motif has been in our collection for years and this year there are new designs to add to your collection.

Fill these Egg Boxes with yummy chocolate Easter Eggs, chewy candies and small plush toys or finger puppets. Then hide them around the house or yard for an old fashioned Easter Egg Hunt! Find some wonderful options here

Sold separately
15 cm in height
Made in Germany