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Haba Wooden Toys "My First Advent Calendar" - Christmas in the Bear Cave

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A fun new twist on the traditional advent calendar! My First Games Advent Calendar: Bear Cave presents your child with a new wooden friend each day, along with a short story to read aloud, as well as simple activities involving matching, counting, and searching. Every fourth day, they'll be delighted by a small game hiding behind the door. All games are suitable for 2-3 players, in addition to free play.

The Bear family has invited their friends to an unforgettable Christmas in the bear cave. But there’s still so much to be done before they can sit and celebrate around the Christmas tree! You’ll need to search, sort, stack, and count to make sure everything is done in time. Exciting adventures await the children every day! They’ll immerse themselves in a world of winter imagination with little games and tasks that help encourage precise observation, early counting, and arranging. Additional short stories let the pre-Christmas wait fly by.

Contents: 1 story book with 24 short stories, games and tasks, 22 wooden figures, 2 dice, 1 advert calendar
Number of Players: 2-3 Players
Playing Time: 5-10 Minutes per Day
Age: 2 Years and Up

    Size of Box: 40 x 30.5 x 6.5 cm
    Made in Germany