Haribo Gummy Bear Advent Calendar

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We've sold out of this item already but we're desperately trying to get more in. Shoot me an email at info@gingerbread-world.com if you want to be on the waiting list.

Also see our other allergy friendly Advent Calendar options here.

We are so excited to present the yummy, colourful and NUT FREE Advent Calendar filled with Haribo Gummy Bears and chewy candies. 

Kids are going to love this! Behind each little door is a packet of Haribo chewy candies - an assortment of fruit and cola flavours in chewy candy, marshmallows and liquorice.

A fun way to countdown to Christmas. Haribo macht Kinder froh – und Erwachsene ebenso! (Haribo makes children happy – and adults as well!)

Size - 30 x 50.5 x 2.5 cm (or approx. 11 x 20 x 1")
300 g Net
No artificial colourings
Haribo chewy candies are peanut and tree nut free as per American Medical ID
Calendar graphic may not be exactly as shown 

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