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Frozen to Fabulous! Lebkuchen Leftovers Perfect for Summer Desserts

Still got some Lebkuchen in the freezer? Thank goodness - cause you never know when that craving for scrumptious German gingerbread is going to hit!

Gingerbread World Lebkuchen Schmidt - Desserts with Friends

Looking for interesting ways to use it up?

Gingerbread World is on a quest to find interesting recipes that use Lebkuchen - check out our Pinterest page to see what we've found so far.

But here's a real easy idea - quick to whip together:


- scoop ice cream into a fun looking dish (it's all about presentation!!!),

- crumble some Lebkuchen over top of the ice cream (any Lebkuchen you have available - thawed of course!). You sort of have to pull the oblaten off as you crumble - I didn't use this bottom part. 

- drizzle with your favorite nut based liqueur - Amaretto, Frangelico, etc.





- top with a dollop of whip cream (or skip this and just get to eating!!)

Serve with some great coffee and enjoy! (check out the German coffee brands we have available in the "Drink" menu!)

Let us know how you use Lebkuchen in your cooking and baking - respond to this Blog Post so other Gingerbread World friends can learn from you.

Have a super day!


Gingerbread World Lebkuchen Schmidt - Recipes with LebkuchenLebkuchen Recipe with Ice Cream by Gingerbread WorldLebkuchen recipe with ice cream by Gingerbread World

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Hannelore - June 12, 2014

Oooh – this sounds good. But it would be even better with rich chocolate sauce drizzled over it – don’t you think?

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