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2015 is a Great Year for Lebkuchen

As I pour over catalogs and type up descriptions and enter codes for the coming Christmas season I am getting more and more excited about our order of Lebkuchen Schmidt chests, tins and boxes.

This is my third season owning this delightful little company called Gingerbread World and I am looking forward to talking to customers on the phone when they call to place their orders for Lebkuchen, German chocolate and marzipan and gift items.

Every year for decades – more than 8 decades – Lebkuchen Schmidt has designed new motifs for their chests and tins and innovated with some new flavorings for the fabulous Lebkuchen. This year is no different and we are looking forward to unveiling the new designs and products on our website on August 17 and in our new Catalog that will be mailed in mid-September.

But I just can’t hold it in anymore – I have to tell someone something about the new line up!

So here are a few sneak peaks into what’s in store for Lebkuchen Schmidt Canada:

The 2015 Lebkuchen of the Year is not so much a new flavor as it is just an even higher quality of Elisen Lebkuchen. Schmidt has had two big hits in a row with last year’s Roasted Apple Elise (or Bratapfel-Elise) and the previous year’s Black Elise (Schwarze Elise). This year they introduce Zunft-Elise in honor of the Lebkuchen Guild founded in the mid-1600s. That’s when the strict quality guidelines for the production of Lebkuchen were developed. This year’s LOTY (Lebkuchen of the Year!) contains little flour but has a high percentage of coarsely ground almonds and hazelnuts. It looks delicious:

Lebkuchen Schmidt Lebkuchen of the Year - Zunft-Elise

But what’s really exciting about the Lebkuchen of the Year thing is that for 2015 Schmidt has packaged up SIX of the most popular LOTY’s and put them together in a boxed package called “Collection of the Lebkuchen of the Year” (Item #50296 | $75.00).

This Collection contains the 2015 LOTY Zunft-Elise as well as:

Premium Roasted Apple Elise, iced | Black Elise | Premium Kaiser-Elisen-Lebkuchen, chocolate coated (no wheat flour in the dough) | Premium Marzipan-Elisen-Lebkuchen, chocolate coated | Premium Elisen-Lebkuchen bars, chocolate coated, with roasted almonds

All of the new Lebkuchen Schmidt items will be in our online shop on August 17. And you are welcome to place your order right away to ensure you get the items you want.

We only get one shipment from Lebkuchen Schmidt in the Fall. It arrives in late October and we start shipping orders to customers shortly thereafter. So when we run out of an item it will not be available until next year.

When you place your order online your credit card is charged right away and your items are guaranteed to you. And you are always welcome to place you order over the phone – Toll Free 800-309-5559 – or by mailing in the Order Form that is available on the website.

Check back on August 17 to see the whole Lebkuchen Schmidt Collection.

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