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Gingerbread World Inge-Glas Canada - Handcrafted glass Christmas tree ornaments

Inge-Glas - 400 Years of Creating Exquisite and Quirky Glass Christmas Ornaments

Inge-Glas of Germany has been creating glass Christmas tree ornaments for more than 400 years. Each piece is handcrafted, the glass is mouth blown and then decorated and painted by hand. We are thrilled to offer a selection of ornaments for 2018.

Gingerbread World Inge-Glas GLass Christmas Tree OrnamentsMy Mother is an incredible shopper and traveler and I have received all sorts of amazing and unusual gifts over the years brought home from trips abroad. When I decided to bring on the Inge-Glas Ornament line I realized that I had received an Inge-Glas piece from my Mom at some point. I scrounged through my Christmas decorations and found a beautiful Inge-Glas pine cone ornament with the trademark star-shaped loop on the top.

The number of ornaments Inge-Glas offers is immense (I guess you collect a few designs over 400 years in business!). In addition to introducing new designs each year, the company is de-archiving some of the 6,000 antique moulds their families passed down through the generations. It was really hard to decide on a small collection of ornaments to offer in our shop. In the end I just chose the ones I loved best! Hopefully we'll be able to bring more in as this line grows.

Remarkable to think that this company has been around since the late 1500's - this was the time of Caravaggio and Shakespeare and Galileo. And that 14 generations later Inge-Glas is still managed by a member of the Müller-Blech family. And the story gets even better...that 14th generation gentleman who now runs the company met and married a woman who is herself the heir of a Glass Ornament dynasty!

Each year Inge-Glas designs and introduces a small series of Limited Edition ornaments and an Ornament of the Year. These items are truly unique and require a tremendous amount of time and craftsmanship. We've brought in only a small quantity of each of these special ornaments - each comes in its own gift box and may be sent directly to a friend anywhere in North America.
Gingerbread World Inge-Glas Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments - Limited Edition and Ornament of the Year
See the full Collection of glass ornaments from Europe. New ornaments are anticipated for the next Holiday Season.

Owner @ Gingerbread World
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