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Gingerbread World Blog - My Visit to the Herrnhuter Christmas Star factory in Germany

Star Light, Star Bright OR My Visit to the Herrnhuter Star Factory

The Herrnhuter Star factory and visitor centre was a highlight of my tour through Germany last month. This is where the beautiful 25 point Stars are born and where the most amazing of product backstories begins.
Gingerbread World Blog - My Visit to the Herrnhuter Christmas Star factory in GermanyThese gorgeous Stars were created 160 years ago in the boarding schools of the Moravian Church in the eastern part of Germany where Germany, Poland and Czech Republic meet. Today they are still made by hand in the factory in Herrnhut and they are enjoyed all over the world.

Gingerbread World Blog - My Visit to the Herrnhuter Christmas Star factory in GermanyI traveled to the Visitor's Centre and manufactory last month and got the full experience: I spent time in the small museum that tells the story of the Stars and the church community behind them. I watched the movie (which they kindly switched to english for me) that again told the back story but also showed how the appreciation for the Star has moved out from Herrnhut to all of Germany and now around the world. I ate in the gorgeous little cafe - decorated of course with Stars. And most exciting....

I got to make my own Herrnhuter Star in the Crafts Workshop. I had been looking forward to this event for weeks and it did not disappoint! Doris - a young woman who works at Herrnhuter whom I had met earlier at the Christmas World trade show in Frankfurt - came down to greet me and give me instructions in english. She showed me how to make my small plastic star and then left me to create!

If you are traveling to Germany and find yourself in the state of Saxony and the larger cities of Leipzig, Dresden or Chemnitz, it is well worth the trip to Herrnhut to visit the Herrnhuter Star manufactory. It's a 2 hour drive from Dresden through beautiful countryside.The Star company holds special events throughout the year open to the public (here's a link to those events).

Gingerbread World Blog - My Visit to the Herrnhuter Christmas Star factory in GermanyI visited on a Thursday in February and it was still hopping with families visiting the Children's Play Structure and doing crafts, grandparents making a special day with their grand children, folks enjoying "kaffee und kuchen" in the restaurant and people just dropping in to buy Stars.

In the town of Herrnhut there is a beautiful shop that sells the Stars and other European Christmas gifts and decor. And there are other highlights to visit as well - museums, churches and just beautiful walks. provides info on the town - it's in German but Google can translate!

Gingerbread World is thrilled to be selling the Herrnhuter Stars here in Canada. We stock the most popular items year round as they really don't have to be just for Christmas. The Stars come in paper and plastic and they all come with lighting/electrical packages that are made for North American outlets. The plastic Stars can be used outside in all temperatures and they look as amazing in gardens as they do in snowscapes!
Gingerbread World Blog - My Visit to the Herrnhuter Christmas Star factory in Germany
In this crazy world of the Corona Virus we need to remind ourselves of beauty and peace and normal-ness. I hope my article has been a little shot of good in your day!

Owner @ Gingerbread World

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Patricia Zermeño - March 13, 2020

Thank you for sharing this! I am the proud owner of a gorgeous Herrnhuter Star! I can’t wait to grow my collection and start using them all year round for Christmas is such a short time!

Regina McInerney - March 13, 2020

Thank you Tamara for the write up about visiting the Herrnhuter Star factory. If I am in the vicinity on my future travels I will definitely go for a visit. Your article was lovely.

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